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XLR Industries’ Element Chassis Review by Precision Rifle Shooter Janae Frehner

Photo Credit: R. Starling

Featured Image Photo Credit: Robert Sterling

I have been competing for about 3 years now so I would not quite consider myself new to the long range shooting game, however; this is the first product I have actually wanted to review. I am writing the review solely because I LOVE this product and believe in it.

Jake Vibbert 6’3″, Janae Frehner 5’2″

When I started shooting, I was on a different rifle system, and although I performed well with it, it just didn’t fit me as I am a 5’ 2” woman. So, we set out to make a rifle that was lighter and suited to a person of small stature. We chose a Remington 700 footprint rifle was chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Next up was selecting a light weight chassis. The XLR Element became the choice due to it only weighing 3.5 pounds. Within a few minutes of adjusting the length of pull and the cheek riser, it felt like it was made for me! It was the first time I had ever shot a rifle in a chassis, so I think I took for granted the customizable aspects of it.  It was not until I switched to a different chassis system and a stock at one point, that I realized how much better the Element was.

Due to the buttstock being mounted on an AR-15 buffer tube, you have a tremendous amount of play for the length of pull.  I have a particularly short length of pull and I am able to adjust it to fit me perfectly.  Jake Vibbert who is a giant next to me, standing 6′ 3″ tall, also runs an Element and it fits him like a glove.  He regularly finishes in the top 5 places, in the Precision Rifles Series. You probably could not hand pick two people that are on such opposite sides of the size spectrum.  My husband Ty and I have even put our 10 year old daughter behind it. Due to all this adjustability, I believe it to be the best chassis available for kids. This chassis can literally fit any shooter.

The fore end is pre-drilled to accept accessory rails on the sides and the bottom of the chassis.  I have only added one to the bottom so that I can use a quick detach for my bi-pod. I have seen other shooters put them on the sides, but I want my rifle to weigh as little as possible, which is one of the reasons I love the XLR Element.  I added a flush cup swivel attachment to the front to be able to use my sling.

The adjustable cheek riser is also awesome. Anyone who has spent time around me knows I have a huge mouth, but a tiny head, so it is very important for me to be able to get my cheek weld at a perfect height for my little cheek bones.  I am able to manipulate and tweak it perfectly to the height and angle that I am comfortable with.

Did I mention it is sexy? I just had mine Cerakoted in a shimmery white.  I have always wanted a white gun and now I have the perfect fit and color.  The XLR Element is a top quality chassis made by a group of really good guys that know how to stand behind their product.  They are generous in helping out new shooters and give back to the long range rifle community.  XLR Industries makes several other chassis for a variety of uses, also with a variety of footprints for many different actions. If you are in the market for a quality chassis, especially a very light -weight and versatile system, I highly recommend the XLR Element.

You can check out all their products at

Photo Credit: R. Starling

Janae resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She started shooting competitively in 2014, with no experience in competitive shooting and was immediately hooked.

Her love for shooting started as she watched her dad and six brothers hunt both big and small game, target shoot, and one of  her favorites, shooting glass bottles at distance, and watching them explode. After  marrying an avid hunter and shooter, Janae began hunting varmint, then moved on to big game hunting.

Her love for shooting moved to competition shooting when she realized she could shoot far more rounds when doing competitions. Instead of shooting a couple rounds to kill a coyote, precision allowed for 60 rounds in a few hours. That was all it took to have her hooked in competitive shooting.


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