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Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 7 Suppressor Review by Joe Talley

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 7 Suppressor Review

Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 7 Suppressor Product Review

This is my first competitive season at a national level, and I just shot the Gunwerks Monster Lake Mayhem match, my first match of the season, this last weekend. Honestly, I was concerned about taking my rifle with a suppressor on it as I don’t see most of the top shooters using suppressors anymore. However, my shooting situation recently changed at my home range and it is necessary that I use a suppressor when I practice now. I also developed the load in my 6.5 Creedmoor while using the suppressor and have been shooting with it in local matches. I reasoned that I should go with what made me feel the most confident; when I wasn’t looking around at what other people were doing, taking the Ultra 7 made me feel the most confident. 

Ultra 7 Suppressor Review
Ultra 7 Suppressor

For now, suppressors are still a regulated NFA item. After you read this review, whether you want this suppressor or are on the fence about another, I would urge you to get one- you won’t regret it! There are several companies that have simplified the process as much as possible and the more that are out there, the more people are being educated on these items that have no business being regulated to the extent that they are, and that’s important for the future of them. 

Purpose Built Suppressor

Ultra 7 Suppressor

There is something to be said about modularity in a suppressor. The truth is, these things aren’t all that easy to get, and so having lots of options is generally a good thing. However, as with most things, the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. There are many other suppressors out there that offer the user various options of modularity within a single suppressor. The thunder beast Ultra 7, however, is a purpose built suppressor and it does one thing VERY well: Everything about it revolves around surgical precision and repeatability. There is nothing that can come loose, nothing that can change; you could use it as a baton and stay confident in its repeatability. This is the one can for your “one gun”. 

Easily Switch Calibers

I shoot an Accuracy International AXMC in PRS matches, which is a little different style gun than most of the other competitors I know. It is technically a factory rifle. One advantage that it does afford me is an ease of switching calibers. I’ve experimented with the Ultra 7 across several different barrels and calibers, and for me, on my gun, I have seen zero POI (point of impact) shift on any of them. ZERO. That’s one of my favorite aspects of this suppressor. Could I account for a POI shift in my kestrel if I needed to? Absolutely. However, I love not having to. It’s one less variable to remember and account for, and in this game, it’s all about eliminating variables so that you can focus on the art. 

Pairing with an Area 419 Brake

Area 419 Hellfire Suppressor

For me personally I have paired the Ultra 7 with an Area 419 brake and Universal Adapter. I own several suppressors, and admittedly I am a gear junkie with commitment issues. The Area 419 brake allows me a ton of versatility and is one of the best brakes on the market right now allowing for consistent torque specs, a self timing feature, and my favorite- the ability to use a wide variety of suppressors without switching muzzle brakes.  

Overall Thoughts

Ultra 7 Review

Ultimately, I am very happy I took the Ultra 7 to the Gunwerks match. There was a very good mixture of positional and prone stages, and not one time did I feel disadvantaged by that little additional “push” the suppressor offers in recoil. I enjoyed being a “civilized” gentleman and not kicking dirt all over shooters beside me (do unto others, and all that stuff..). I would urge you to be more refined, be a gentleman or gentlewoman, be more civilized- get a suppressor. And if you want something designed around precision, simplicity and repeatability, then maybe the Thunderbeast Ultra series is the suppressor for you too…





Joey Talley was introduced to long range shooting by an old friend and extremely experienced hunter after suffering a severe broken leg from being hit by a drunk driver. With plenty of time on his hands he delved deep into the Litz books and anything else he could get his hands on. From there the passion evolved into competitive shooting. This is Joey’s first season competing at a national level in the sport. He comes from a background of outdoor adventure such as whitewater kayaking, climbing, snowmobiling, mountaineering, hunting, ice climbing, and pretty much anything else risky. He’s still an adrenaline junkie at heart, but for now the competitive drive is sufficing. 


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