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The Meaning Behind the NRL Flag

If you’ve been to a match sanctioned by the National Rifle League, you’ve probably noticed the NRL Flag hanging proudly up in the air with our beautiful American Flag. Like most flags, the NRL Flag serves as a symbol, and represents something much deeper than just the NRL logo.


Map of Match States
Map of Match States

Green is the color of life and also represents growth. The NRL’s mission is to enable growth in competitive shooting sports by designing activities that develop marksmanship skills, promoting safe gun handling. The NRL started as an idea to give this sport and community what it deserved, and now has become a reality that continues to grow.

The Matches and Match Directors

The 2017 NRL Flag features the 8 emblems of all national-level matches in the NRL season. The NRL understands that nothing would be possible without the match directors, who happen to be the board of directors. The match directors put so much into their matches from action items as handling logistics and designing the stages, to creating an experience for all competitors. Therefore, the flag recognizes all match directors who played a significant role in making the NRL’s inaugural season what it is.


NRL President, Travis Ishida, began a new tradition that will take place every season of the NRL. After every match, competitors will be able to sign the NRL Flag, and at the season the flag will be awarded to the NRL champion. The NRL features matches across the nation that bring people of different backgrounds together. With that comes new friendships and memories that will never be forgotten. It is only right that the champion carries the flag that represents the NRL and everyone who was a part of it.

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