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2018 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge AAR | By Erik Severson

The National Rifle League’s 2018 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge was hosted by NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, CA from Sept. 28-30, 2018. Friday Check in and Zero We arrived at the range about 11:30 Friday morning as the DOPE gathering session was finishing. We checked in and received our match books and swag bag that was packed with useful goodies. We were then directed to the

2018 Butch Oklahoma Shoot

2018 Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot AAR | By Matt Hornback

Written by Matt Hornback The best piece of advice for this match is to bring a shooting mat, grab your favorite shooting bag, leave the tripod and don’t expect to spot your misses. My third NRL match of the 2018 season was the notorious Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot. Located in Woodward, Oklahoma, this match was held in a sprawling private range facility complete with rolling hills, plenty of cows and…wind mills! Yes, that’s right, Butch even turned on

Mile High Shootout AAR

2018 Mile High Shootout AAR | By Chris Way

Written by Chris Way. “This isn’t a competition where people are looking to crush each other’s souls – it is a competition that felt as if everyone was lifting each other up to see what could be achieved by the squad as a whole, not individuals.” “Do it or don’t, it’s that easy”. That quote basically sums up my introduction to competitive rifle shooting. I was introduced to competitive rifle shooting at the 2018 Sniper Adventure Challenge. Both my

JC Steel Target Challenge Greg Herbert AAR

2018 JC Steel Target Challenge AAR | Greg Herbert

Written by Greg Herbert “I just drove 800 miles to shoot 3 rounds; you got to be kidding me!” On the heels of the NRL Owen’s Armory Sickness for Distance match outside Kingman Arizona came the JC Steel Target Challenge Washington match with cooler temperatures. The weekend before the temperature was in the 90’s. At the Arizona match, I noticed I was having issues with some of my brass. On day 1, shooting off a barricade I had a case

Bighorn Steel Classic AAR Josh Reeves

2018 Bighorn Steel Classic AAR | By Josh Reeves

Written by Josh Reeves “Chaz was prompt with his timing and we stared promptly at 8. I believe he hit the wind switch right before he gave the green light as our wind had arrived at 7:55” National Rifle League’s second match of the 2018 season, the Bighorn Steel Classic presented by Thunder Beast Arms. Held in Nehawka, Nebraska, match director Chaz Macrander welcomes the NRL to the cornhusker state for the first time on March 2nd-4th, 2018. Zero and Safety Brief March

Absolute Zero Sniper Match AAR Sara Arrington

2018 Absolute Zero Sniper Match AAR | By Sara Arrington

AAR Written by Sara Arrington “My squad mates were so supportive; folks from the other side of the country that I had just met! That is the beauty of this sport: Camaraderie.” National Rifle League’s 2018 season opening match was it’s first ever on the East Coast. Held at Frontline Defense USA, in Warrington, North Carolina, match director Paul Smith hosted the Absolute Zero Sniper Match on February 23rd-25th 2018.   Friday Before The Match I was honored to

2017 NRL Championships AAR | Written by competitor Paul Dallin

Featured Image by cmac7.62 AAR Written by Paul Dallin “The sponsors really stepped up. This was by far the best prize table I have ever seen!” It All Comes Down To This!   NRL Championships Squad 1 WOW! It’s been a hell of an inaugural year for the National Rifle League! With the start of the National Rifle League, a few buddies and I decided to dedicate some time and see if we could qualify for the finale. Fast forward 10 months later… Find us at

One Week in Vegas | Written by competitor Andy Reinhardt

Written by Andy Reinhardt (Team Bison Tactical) As the crest of the final hill falls away, from under the warm rubber of my tires, the twinkling lights of the oasis below greet me like an old friend. Signaling the end of my long yearly pilgrimage to the vast expanses of the wonderland we know as SHOT Show. Every January, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and general “gun nuts” descend on the desert valley of Las Vegas to delight in