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NRL Young Guns – Nick Crawford

Nick Crawford

My name is Nick Crawford. I am a 15-year-old high school freshman from Las Vegas, Nevada. Some hobbies I have aside from shooting are playing basketball and just being a teenager. My mom and dad are very supportive and open minded with whatever I want to do in life as long as it is positive. Currently I am a member of Sin City Precision rifle club and sponsored by Owens Armory and Prime Ammunition.

Competitive Shooter Profile

I got into Precision Rifle shooting last summer when my dad took me out with his .223 AR and we shot some steel. When I hit the steel at 800 yards is when I really started to get into the sport. For this 2017 season I look forward to shooting more NRL matches. My shooting goals are to continue to learn how to make better wind calls and improve my positional shooting. I hope to inspire other people my age to follow suit and try out the sport. Another big goal is to continue to get good grades in school so that I can continue to shoot.

Room for Improvement

I would like to get a lot of practice shooting in tricky wind for this 2017 season because that is usually the difference maker if you have good DOPE and a solid shooting position. I would also like to dry fire practice a lot more so I can get good trigger presses and get used to my new Timney trigger (which is really nice). I would also like to continue practicing shooting off of multiple props to try different techniques that work for me, as well as finding how to get the most stable on the prop itself.

My Rifle Build

I am currently shooting a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor built by Owens Armory with a Hawk Hill barrel, Timney trigger, Seekins Precision handguard, a Nightforce SHV F1 4-14 power scope, and shooting Prime 6.5 Creedmoor ammo.

Best Memories from The Sport

The most memorable moment I have had shooting Precision Rifle is when my dad, my grandpa and I went shooting right after I was first introduced to it. We were shooting at a 1 MOA target at about 750 yards prone which was a little challenging as a new shooter. To make it even more challenging my dad, Colin shot the target with his .308 rifle and the target turned on the post so that just the side of the target was facing us. Not wanting to go fix the target he bet me if I could hit the side of the target and flip it back over with my .223 AR, he would buy me a new rifle. Of course, I ended up sending all of my rounds at that target and I ended up hitting the post which was smaller than the side of the target. He claims I did not flip the target over, so I lost the bet. But later that year, for Christmas, I ended up with my awesome Ruger Precision Rifle, but I don’t think it was because I hit the post of that target. I got a new rifle and it is definitely an upgrade from .223.

Role Models

Well my first role model would have to be my Dad because he brought me into the sport itself and taught me how to be safe and responsible, while exposing me to great people all throughout the sport.

Every member from Sin City Precision Rifle Club has helped me grow, understand the sport, and show me so much to make me a better shooter and person today. Tyler Frehner really showed me a lot of things and it definitely helps to have great shooters like Ty to show you how to go about the sport.

Greg Piet is probably the most influential shooter for me because of the attitude he has. He is always super helpful to every shooter, new or experienced, and he knows a lot about shooting. Greg is really funny and he helps the matches run smoothly, keeps them safe, and always fun. No matter what, Greg is selfless and does not care about placing, rather he appreciates the sport and on having a good time. This is what I look up to the most.

Quote I Live By…

“Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, Jack still couldn’t dodge Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick.” ~Unknown

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