2020 NRL Scavenger Hunt


Ladies and Gents lets have a little fun! The NRL is proud to present the #NRLSCAVENGERHUNT


Starting week of April 3rd, NRL will publish a list of items/tasks for everyone to scavenge to win prizes.

Below is an outline of how all of this will work:

Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Everyone can play!
  • Every Friday (starting April 3rd) the NRL will release a list of 10 “items” or “tasks” to be completed
  • That following Friday (starting April 10th) NRL will announce a winner from that week. If you completed 100% of the hunt your name will be entered in a random drawing 2X, if you participated in the hunt and got at least 50% of the items/tasks you will be entered into the drawing 1X.
  • ENTER the Hunt by posting to Facebook or Instagram and tagging @nationalrifleleague with a picture/video showing all gathered items/tasks (be sure to include yourself in that photo/video as well) and add the hashtag #NRLSCAVENGERHUNT
  • This is for FUN so everyone is playing on the honor system and sending positive vibes.

Please practice social distancing and only do this in your own safe environment.

We will keep this going for as long as we can. We wish everyone the best of luck and cant wait to see what you all can find!



WEEK 2 submissions Due by Apr. 23rd 5:00PM PST. Random prize drawing on Apr. 24th


WEEK 2 Prize Drawing – [WATCH VIDEO]

$150.00 to northernwaterssmokehaus.com

Congratulations Thomas “TK” Kernes!



WEEK 2 submissions Due by Apr. 16th 5:00PM PST. Random prize drawing on Apr. 17th


WEEK 1 Prize Drawing – [WATCH VIDEO]

$150.00 to OmahaSteaks.com

Congratulations Shannon Meredith!



WEEK 1 submissions Due by Apr. 9th 5:00PM PST. Random prize drawing on Apr. 10th


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