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NRL Athlete Spotlight | Brady Lamm

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm

Brady Lamm

My name is Brady Lamm but a nickname given to me over 10 years ago was BLAMM and it stuck. I was born and raised in Idaho 32 years ago. I spent 8 years in the U.S. Army as an unmanned aircraft pilot, serving a full tour in Iraq and traveling the world. I went to school for engineering and aviation sciences, with a secondary focus on business management. Most importantly I am a single dad of an amazing 11-year-old daughter who also shoots competitively, primarily in rimfire competitions including the NRL22.

To support my shooting habits I currently own and operate an automotive repair company. Additionally, my engineering background led me to create a few accessories for precision rifle shooting when I couldn’t find anything just perfect for what I wanted. After giving in to peer pressure from those that saw what I had come up with, I finally agreed to begin producing them and BLAMM Enterprises was born

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm
Blamm Enterprises

Competitive Shooter Profile.

My first experience shooting competitively was in 2014 when my uncle dragged me to a 3 gun competition with borrowed guns. After that it was a deep dive into the world of 3 gun for a couple years where I became good friends with Ja Hymer, who later introduced me to precision rifle shooting in 2016. With my engineering background, and the unified structures of the sport allowing shooters to track their growth and have a clear goal to work towards, I was instantly hooked. 2017 was my first full season spent shooting club level matches and two national level matches. I accomplished my goal of top 40 in the club series with a 26th place finish. For 2018 I dedicated myself to shooting on the national level with a goal of finishing in the Top 20 in the National Rifle League and Top 10 in the Rocky Mountain club series. With one regular NRL season match to go and the NRL Finale after that I just might be able to accomplish that. Next year its top 10 in the NRL!

My Rifle Build

I’ve been running a 6mm creedmoor on a PTG Remington 700 action for most of the season. I’ve recently switched to a Lone Peak Arms Razor action with Benchmark barrel in the same caliber and am experimenting with a 22BR on a Curtis Custom action again with a Benchmark barrel.

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm

The XLR Carbon Chassis is my go-to choice! XLR makes an amazing Chassis and they have never let me down. It has been fitted with a modular ARCA rail system from Delta-S for a full length extended rail. There are lots of trigger options out there but the Timney Calvin Elite has never let me down. They are great triggers that just keep running match after match. To top it all off I run the Burris XTR II 4-20x with the H591 Reticle. It is a great scope that takes a beating and still tracks perfectly.

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm

Room For Improvement

I’ve been practicing shooting weak side a lot. I want to continue to improve on these skills. There are many situations where shooting strong side forces you into awkward positions and the ability to comfortably and accurately shoot weak side provides a distinct advantage.


Quote I Live By…

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”– Michael Jordan

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm
2018 JC Steel Target Challenge

This has been a quote that I have tried to live by. I have gained some wonderful life experiences by following it.

Piece of Equipment I Can’t Live Without

BLAMM Enterprises Power Wedge
BLAMM Enterprises Power Wedge

Despite the shameless self plug the one thing I could not compete without is my BLAMM Power Wedge. As a barricade bag or a rear bag, it truly is the most versatile piece of equipment I shoot with and could not do without.

Best Memory from the Sport

NRL Athlete Spotlight | Brady Lamm

The best memory I have in the sport is the first time I cleaned a difficult stage with the best score. It was my 6th or 7th match and I was determined to improve so I had been practicing every chance I could. It wasn’t only seeing my hard work pay off though, it was the fact that every shooter there was cheering me on and was truly happy in my success as well. That is one of the best parts of this sport that keeps me coming back match after match and something I try to perpetuate.


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