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NRL Athlete Spotlight | Rei Hoang


Rei Hoang 

Nick name: 9 dolls

Location: Originally from California, currently residing in Las Vegas, NV.

Occupation: Pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Competitive Shooter Profile.

I’ve always been into firearms but didn’t know anyone who was. Nobody in my family or my friends shot. In 2009, I walked into my local gun shop and bought myself my first rifle with my pink hello kitty piggy bank full of ten-dollar bills. Back story on the ten-dollar bills, I disliked ten-dollar bills, it was too small to buy anything in this day and age, yet too large for petty cash, I rather have 20s and 5s in my wallet. So, I decided to save my ten-dollar bills and use it only to buy guns. That escalated quickly, in the first few months I bought an “AR15” and two pistols. Fast forward to 2015, I wanted to get into long range, I walked into Metal Dogs an asked for a .338 (at this time I didn’t know anything about precision rifle). Kevin, who worked the counter, talked me down to a .308 and I ended up buying a Remington 700. I told him I wanted to reload so he introduced me to Marc from Spartan Precision. Marc was very nice, answered the numerous questions I had, and he helped me get started on reloading. A few months later I bought my first custom rifle from him… and yes, I brought my pink piggy bank, but this time I had to stuff 100s and 50s along with the 10s because we all know precision rifle is not a poor man’s sport.

Knowing that “YouTube University” isn’t going to cut it in precision rifle, I sought out training. Marc knew a training company in SoCal, I started following them on Instagram and saw an advertisement for a PR1 course. I happened to be free that weekend, so I purchased a slot, and this was the first Max Ordinate course I ever took.

I started to compete in a couple local matches in 2016, nothing serious just getting the hang of it. 2017 I hit it hard, trying to go to any match I could, NRL, PRS, PRS gas gun, and also Competition Dynamics. This year, 2018 is my second full year competing in national matches and I’m consistently improving. I have Max Ordinate Academy to thank for that, the beginning of this year I retook their PR1 course and paired it with practicing their free target drills at home. I saw my hit percentage improve during matches, which resulted in better placement. I’ve been shooting in the top 30% this year having a goal to finish in the top 20% by the end (way better than last year which was below 50%). In 2019 my goal is top 20% then end it with a Top 10 finish…and in 2020, I want to win one match =)

My Rifle Build


I ran my 6.5 creedmoor Cloud9 rifle which is a Defiance Deviant SA, Manners T6A, Area 419 arca rail, 12 oz Jewel trigger, 24” Bartlien Barrel chambered by DMR LLC with a ZroDelta cowl induction brake, Modular Evolution bipods, Vortex Razor Gen II with a Switchview fold down lever in a Spuhr mount and ran 140 gr Nosler RDFs.


My newest build is my 6xc built by DMR LLC: American Rifle Company Mausingfield with DLC coating, Manners PRS2 carbon fiber stock, Henderson Precision arca rail, Modular Evolution Bipods, Bartlien Barrel with a purple anodized Dracos Straight Jacket and a ZroDelta cowl induction brake, Trigger Tech Diamond trigger, KMW DBM, a scope in a Spuhr mount (I’m still debating on what scope to get for this build, so far I used a Vortex Viper and my Razor off my Cloud9)

Room For Improvement

I would like to improve on wind calling, smooth transitions, and not changing my gear so much…I just can’t help it!

Quote I Live By…

Rei Hoang
Mile High Shootout 2018

“Suck it up buttercup”

Piece of Equipment I Can’t Live Without

Besides my rifle, I really care about a data board that attaches to my rifle for dope and notes. I use Sidewinders and Prater Precision data boards.

Best Memory from the Sport

One of my best memories was at the JC Steel Target Challenge up in Washington. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself on this stage, I think this was the most hilarious stage I ever shot, and will ever shoot, because of my own doing.

“What can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy’s Law

First stage of the day: From the bed of the trailer, shoot three targets one round each from the standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone. You have 120 seconds, start with mag in, bolt back and all gear in hand.

Target A 370 yards

Target B 406 yards

Target C 445 yards

My Plan:

Dial for the closest target and hold for the rest, single load the last two rounds from the SAP round holders on my rifle. Bring an extra mag just in case.

Standing – tripod with a JC Steel Target tac table and an udder bag for some soft support.

Kneeling- Modular Evolution long bipods with an XL bag for rear support, no time to adjust the tripod.

Sitting – same process as kneeling

Prone – lay on the XL bag

What really happened:

Shooter are you ready? BEEP! Put the tripod on the trailer, got on the trailer, placed the udder bag flat-side down on the tac table, threw the XL bag aside. Placed my 18lb rifle on the tac table-udder bag combo. Table moves, crap, the ball head isn’t tightened. Oh no…the bag is sliding…

*Thoughts: smoosh the bag with the rifle to keep it from sliding off while trying to push the table back…okay this isn’t that bad, no muscle relaxation but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Check for wind changes, still a left to right wind. Check. On target, Holding 0.5 mils left. Bolt forward…oh no! Double feed!!!

*Internal monologue – “Darn it Rei, you know when you put pressure on these mags you have this issue. But the bag didn’t fall did it. Smart A**. Get for face off and see how bad it is. Is it recoverable? Maybe we can push one back down into the mag, while holding it down, softly slide the bolt forward and get back in the game. Looks, NOPE! …should we still save it? Nope, it’s bad. But…not buts, Clock is ticking Rei…You think too much, rip that thing out and use your extra mag….but good job on bringing an extra mag…Tries to do a mag change while not letting the udder bag fall, darn that table keeps moving. Mental note always check the ball head next time. This is way more cumbersome then I need, throws udder bag, bag hits sling, sling wraps around tripod. Tripod wants to fall, holding rifle and tripod, while being tangled up.

“DON’T HAVE A YARD SALE, don’t have a yard sale” Gets sling loose (I knew better to leave the sling on, stubborn me) Gets everything free, tripod is back down. Rips mag out, rounds fall to the floor, chamber clear. Inserts new mag. Shoots a round at the target, omg, I forgot to turn my hat backward, the scope is hitting my bill, flips hat to get rid of it. Ponytail-nope that’s my hat, I’m going to hold it. Hat’s flopping in the wind, no front bag, get in the zone Rei! “Get in the zone, A… ”, No time for automotive jingles!! Whatever, let’s do this. Pew, pew, ding, ding, Really? This is all wrong fundamentals, it’s working though, let’s ride this gravy train. My Kneeling and sitting went off without a hitch. Okay, time for prone. My body alignment is screwed, let’s try and maximize being behind it, no pivot points wanted. Scoot, scoot, oh man I know I’m short, but I’m not that short. That’s the edge of the trailer! Don’t fall off the trailer! Don’t fall off! Shift that body weight! You better get to shooting, BEEP! Awe man didn’t get any off in the prone, but you didn’t fall. Small battles, small battles. 6 points, I’ll take that. Sometimes you can get too fancy for your own good.

Rei Hoang
2018 JC Steel Target Challenge

Lessons learned


Ball head loose-Check the ball head

Bag slid off-use one that attaches to the rifle, or bring your rifle saddle next time, or get an arca swiss system.

Sling got caught-take anything you don’t need that can hang up off

Double feed-remember not to put pressure on the mag when racking the bolt

Things falling-use less equipment. side note: see if u can use the tall bipods for a “standing” too #fobsquat


Had an extra mag



Tall bipods for Kneeling, sitting-time saver

Overcame obstacles

Always thinking about fundamentals – thanks Max Ordinate!

What a way to start day two of the JC Steel Target Challenge NRL match, at least I got a good laugh out of it!


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