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NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Joseph Park Jr.

First let me say I have zero understanding of what it takes to set up a nonprofit. I have no way to judge the time it must take from your life to start a new national shooting league. I have no reference points to figure out how much time it must have taken away from family to get sponsorship’s or to find match directors willing to put on matches. I simply have zero experience in life to even ponder what you have done.

               What I do know is what a great thing you have done for me and my family. Over the last eight months I have traveled to seven different States. I have met new friends and I have had such an amazing adventure! It started out perfect by winning the NRL’ #GetOutAndShoot raffle. Not a bad way to start my rookie year in this sport and I do believe the first thing I have ever won! Winning that raffle is small compared to the people I met. I will not name them in fear I will leave someone out but I will say it was so much fun meeting people not necessarily of the same mind but of the same drive and love to place a bullet down range as accurately as possible. It may sound strange but looking back at each match, hotel, restaurant I must say I like all the great and bad each of them offered. Up to and including a broken truck a long way from home. That after all is what an adventure is suppose to be.  

               Then the NRL came out with the NRL 22lr. This was a dream come true for me. I have two boys and they could not be more different then if I had grabbed two random kids off the street. My oldest boy is of the age he can shot in the NRL 22 just barely. This meant I had to purchase him a 22 and start training with him. My pride in him grew in two simple ways because of shooting. He asks to train now with me and will work his little 22 dry over and over and over with zero complaints, never firing a live round and say nothing about it. Just run dry drills until I let him go live. Next was when he was dropping down behind his rifle and he hit his knee. He was in pain, crying, but the first thing my little guy did was drop his mag and lock his bolt open!!!

               My second boy is too young to shot in the NRL 22 but we are looking for a proper rifle for him so next year he is ready. What the NRL 22 did was make me aware of spending more time with him. Because of the dry practice and range time I spend with my oldest I now consciously spend time with my youngest. He is into Taekwondo so now Dad takes him to all his practices and I love watching him learn new forms. He has recently started sparring against others and it is both scary and fun to watch him fight.

               Again, I am sorry to say I truly have no understand of what you have gone through to put together the NRL and NRL22. But if my little story and my experience over the last eight months is any indication of what others might be going through. I hope it helps you a little and gives you something back that maybe shows it was worth it.

 Joseph W Park Jr (better known as JP)


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