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NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Adam Cloaninger

Adam Cloaninger.

I’m a small town farm boy from Colfax Washington. I grew up working hard, hunting, and shooting on my family’s farm. I loved athletics in high school and college, and graduated from the University of Idaho in 2013 with a B.S. in Agricultural Management. I am currently 26 and a Electrical Apprentice. I’m an avid shooter, hunter, and fly fisherman.

Competitive Shooter Profile.

I first started  in competitive  rifle shooting  in  2014 /15 driven primarily out of the need to extend my ability for hunting. I only shot 3 or 4  local level matches in those two years, all being at the Rock Lake Rifle Range. I would have shot more matches, however, I was never able to take time off work and funding was short. I competed with a  Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag and a Leupold mk 4 6.5-20. I figured out quickly that I loved this sport and I wanted to progress to the next level. In mid 2015, I resigned from my job and went to work at Greg’s Electric to save up money and buy a new setup. I then hit 2016 hard. The first match I shot was the Cold Bore Challenge where Nick Gadarzi introduced me to Jake Vibbert. Nick and Jake pointed me  in the right direction. I bought a Defiance Deviant in 6.5×47 Lapua. I then proceeded to travel around the country and shoot matches in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, and in Texas. In 2016, I believe I shot 24 matches, or maybe more, of all levels. My personal highlights include: picking up Defiance Machine and JC Steel Targets  as sponsors, coming in 6th place at the Snipers Hide Cup, and traveling to the Precision Rifle Series Finale, where I finished the season at 76th in the country. I wanted more, but I figure that’s acceptable for my first year shooting national level matches.

My Rifle Build.

For 2017 I will be running a Defiance Deviant, Benchmark Barrel, 6×47 Lapua with a Kenetic Research Group Whiskey 3 chassis. I have a Timney trigger, Kahles 6-24i with SKMR 1 reticle, and 2 U.S. Optics folding levels. I run a spigot mount on my KRG and a Atlas Bipod.

Room for Improvement.

For 2017, my primary focus is to increase spotting my misses, and making the proper correction. I also want to improve on first round impacts and on reading wind. But in all reality, the main reason I shoot competitively is because of the people I meet. You guys are an outstanding group of individuals.

Can’t live without.

Reasor bag… I even carry that thing in the mountains with me!

Quote I Live By…

“If you can’t be safe,be dangerous ”   – unknown

Best Memories From the Sport.

There are so many great memories of this sport, it’s hard to pick one. Overall, the best part is all the awesome people I meet traveling to matches around the country, and the awesome places I get to see. If it wasn’t for the people involved in this sport, I wouldn’t do it.  Cheers!


Facebook, Adam Cloaninger. I will get an Instagram in the future not sure when tho…

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