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NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Jim See

Jim See

Hello my name is Jim See, I grew up in Wisconsin and lived there until 2013 when I moved to Oklahoma. I had started shooting PRS in 2012, and then moved to Oklahoma where the OPPS rifle club gave me a jumpstart to being a more proficient shooter. In 2015 I relocated to Decorah, IA. I have built custom rifles since 2008, and started Elite Accuracy LLC when I moved to Iowa. I offer precision match training and continue to build custom rifles.

Competitive Shooter Profile

I started shooting and reloading back in the 90’s, and got into formal competitions in 2008, shooting f-class matches and doing really well. I shot my first field match in 2011, in Oklahoma, ran by BJ Bailey. I stepped into the Precision Rifle Series in 2012 and have been making millennials cry ever since. Today I am sponsored by Federal Premium Ammunition, Sierra Bullets, Manners Stocks, Rock Creek Barrels, Mullerworks Barrels, Vortex Optics, and on the Firm Rifles Inc. shooting team. My goal this year is to shoot in both the PRS and NRL finale matches. My other goal is to continue on promoting and organizing the Border War Rifle Series into the upper Midwest premier series.

My Rifle Build

I’m running 2 guns this year; both are stocked in Manners composite stocks with mini chassis. One rifle is a Surgeon action on a Mullerworks barrel in 260 Remington, the other is a 6mm -250 improved on Tate Streeters Impact action with a Rock Creek barrel. This is my first year playing with a 2-stage trigger. I tried them before and had issues with safety, reliability or excessive weight so I always gave up on them. Tom Meyers sent me his XTSP 2 stage and so far I have no complaints and will be offering opinions on reliability after I get some more matches under it’s belt.

One piece of Gear that you absolutely cannot go without

My Confidence, everything else in this sport is just frosting.

Room for Improvement

Not really, I feel like my shooting has been on the right track for a couple years now. My performance is more based on preparation in my gear and a mental edge. I feel like the act of shooting is routine and that skill set is not lost regardless of critical practice time. The one area I could work on is physical conditioning, I tend to drop a few points at the end of a long day. I’m soon to be 47 years old and my desire to work out is almost non-existent. I guess a 27 year old girlfriend could get me in shape, errr but then I wouldn’t want to shoot matches anymore….

One of Your Best Memories from the sport of Precision Rifle

I have so many great memories it would be hard to pick one. The friends I have made and places I have gone are probably the biggest value in my life to me. I am competitive and like to shoot, but the best part at every match is catching up with old friends and making new ones. I still have a special place in my heart for Oklahoma and the guys who I know there. I have had countless adventures with OPPS members that I will treasure forever. I have also shot with the best in the country and in one way or another feel a connection to each and everyone. What sets this sport apart are the people and the good times we have together even if it is just for a brief moment in time. I will say one of my proudest moments was watching my son Danny compete at the OPPS Youth match in 2016. He did a great job and absolutely loved it, and the kids competing were all super happy and having a ball.

Quote I Live by…

Probably a quote from my Dad that he said countless times to me growing up, “Jimmy, you’re an asshole.” I’m not sure he meant that I was like an asshole/mean, or just an asshole for doing stupid shit? Maybe some of both. Whatever he intended…I think I lived up to it!


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