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NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Austin Orgain

Austin Orgain 

My name is Austin Orgain. I am 29 years old from the very small town of Hammon, Oklahoma. I currently work in the oilfield for a small artificial lift company called Tri-Lift Services.

Competitive Shooter Profile 

I bought my first custom rifle in February 2015 and shot a few small matches and club matches in 2015. I started shooting the bigger matches in 2016 and hit the road hard making 11 PRS matches, plus won the Oklahoma Practical Precision Shooters (OPPS) club series. I was approached by Butch’s Fjoser at the end of 2015 to shoot on Butch’s team for the 2016 season and it has been great.

My goal for the 2016 season was to finish every match in the top 20. I achieved this except for the Finale, which I got 28th and was very disappointed. My goal coming into the 2017 season was to make the finale in 3 different series (PRS bolt gun, PRS gas gun, and NRL). After having some success early in the year, I have changed my goal to finishing in the Top 10 in all 3 series.

My Rifle Build

This season I have been running two Surgeon actions, one chambered in 6 Creedmoor and one in 6 Dasher. I usually run a Jewel trigger, but recently put a Bix’n Andy in and I really like the feel of it. I do not have a barrel sponsor, so I run pretty much anything I can get my hands on at the time. Currently I have a Bartlein on the 6 Creed and a Krieger on the Dasher. This year I am running a J Allen chassis on both guns. The scope is a Nightforce BEAST with a T3 reticle on both guns mounted with Hawkins Precision rings.

Room for Improvement

I am always working on the mental game. The ability to reduce the mental mistakes during a match has probably been my greatest improvement over last year. It takes a lot of focus and preparation to be able to go an entire 2-day match and not make one mental mistake, but that is my goal every time. The ability to not “beat yourself” can be the greatest asset in this game.

Can’t Live Without

Definitely Chapstick. I have lost it a few times during matches or forgotten it, and it makes for a really long and chapped lipped day! Also, it is always a good idea to have some sort of snack on hand. If you are feeling hungry or a little un-even, it can throw you off your game.

Quote I Live By…

“It’s hard to see what’s ahead when you are always looking behind.” If you have a bad stage, you MUST let it go and move on or it will hurt you mentally all day. The same goes for life in general.

Best Memories from the Sport

My best memory is winning my first major match this year in Kansas. We shot in the pouring rain the first day and after the first day’s scores were posted I was just hoping for a top 10 finish. I came out the second day and only dropped 3 points the whole day and was able to win.


IG: @austin.orgain

Twitter: @austinorgain

Snapchat: gainer18

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