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NRL Announces MDT as the Official Side-Match Sponsor for 2019 Season

Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) named Official Side-Match Sponsor for the 2019 National Rifle League Season

Yorba Linda, CA – National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, is pleased to announce Modular Driven Technologies is coming on to sponsor a side-match stage at all national-level, precision rifle matches during its 2019 Season. The company will be working closely with NRL during the 2019 Season, so that competitors get the “field” experience of its chassis systems.

MDT manufactures chassis systems and accessories for bolt action rifles. It recently unveiled a brand-new chassis system, the Adjustable Core Competition chassis system – also known as the ACC. Geared toward the competition world of precision rifle shooting, the company has spent a lot of time collecting information from the end-users of its products. The “Adjustable Core” of the new chassis is an integrated weight management system allowing competitors to personally fine tune the overall weight and balance point, allowing them to rapidly adjust the feel and recoil characteristics of their system. MDT is also excited to share it is planning on having manufacturing and assembly capabilities in its U.S. facilities soon.

“NRL is pleased to be partnered with MDT for the 2019 season. The new ACC chassis is a cutting-edge chassis designed specifically for the Precision Rifle game,” said Tyler Frehner, Director of Match Operations, NRL.  “MDT is confident that if the best shooters in the world have the opportunity to utilize the chassis it will make a huge splash. With this in mind, MDT and the NRL have partnered to design a fun side match that will demonstrate the capabilities of the ACC to the nation’s elite.” 

“The team here at MDT is excited to be partnering with the NRL for the 2019 season, dealing directly with high level, competitive shooters and providing them all with products to help them Shoot Better,” said Josh Botha, Designer and Sponsorship Program Manager, MDT. “After the successful launch of the ACC Chassis system, we are working hard to immerse ourselves fully in the competitive market, listening to shooters requests and ensuring that we make the best products to guarantee impacts! Keep an eye on our website and social media for news and announcements on exciting new products for 2019.”

NRL will host 17 national level precision rifle matches, and the NRL Championships will be on December 6-8 in Texas, where MDT will be hosting side-matches, supporting with product for competitors to select off the prize tables, and offering a financial rewards program for competitors placing in high ranks using an MDT chassis. 

For more information on the matches in the NRL 2019 season, please visit:


Modular Driven Technologies LP. (dba MDT LP.) was founded in 2009 by Laszlo Klementis who wanted a tactical chassis for his rifles with AR-15 ergonomics. With a background in CNC machining, he started to manufacture his own. As an avid competitor in service rifle, precision, and F-Class he started looking for something in the market which was not available. With input from a number of others, he ended up with the TAC21 Chassis which takes any AR-15 buttstock and pistol grip and increases accuracy by as much as 28%.

Our manufacturing facilities are in Chilliwack BC, Canada. All our US sales and distribution is operated by our US entity company located in Sumas Washington, USA.

Over the last few years more chassis systems and other firearm accessories were added to the product line, and the company has grown to be a leader in the marketplace for manufacturing chassis systems for precision rifles. Our products are used by many shooting sports enthusiasts, Law enforcement, and Military personnel.

Our specialty is finding needs in the marketplace and filling those gaps. We also manufacture products for other companies who need our knowledge in manufacturing and engineering.

For more information go to:

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