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NRL Announces Gunwerks as the Official Education for the 2019 Season

Gunwerks named Official Education Sponsor of the National Rifle League

Yorba Linda, CA – National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, is pleased to announce Gunwerks joined this new 2019 Season as the Official Education of NRL.

Today’s practical rifle competitions focus on testing a shooter’s ability to master the fundamentals of marksmanship, as well as the skills associated with locating and ranging targets, and shooting in awkward positions and making wind calls, all under tight time constraints. It’s Long Range University program for Competition Shooting consists of its L150 LR Competition Foundation, L250 Competition Development, and L350 Competition Application courses. These courses will be seen by the NRL community, giving additional opportunities to get into trainings.

Its L150 Foundation course is designed for those wanting to jump into the world of practical precision rifle competitions. This foundational package teaches everything a shooter will need to know for a first shooting match, and be ahead of the power-curve, so the student can focus on having fun and absorb excellent information. Students learn about the types of practical shooting matches, how to set up equipment for success, and get a taste of what to expect with some fundamental shooting drills. The L250 Development course teaches students more in-depth presentation on internal and external ballistics, learn the finer points of building solid shooting positions under less than ideal circumstances, and learn how to analyze stages of fire to be set up for success. At the L350 Application course, students experience challenging courses of fire, carefully planned to test problem-solving skills. Under the watchful mentorship of the instructors, students get one-on-one feedback on performance and insider tips on how to maximize use of time at your next shooting match.

“We’re excited to have Gunwerks and the Long Range University as the Official Education of NRL,” said Travis Ishida, NRL co-founder. “We’re focused on education, and this new sponsorship category allows us to connect the NRL community in an authentic way.”

“Gunwerks is known for long range hunting, precision rifle competitions are definitely not hunting! We are pushing into the competition space because we firmly believe that developing skills to succeed in precision rifle competition directly correlates to success in hunting situations,” said Aaron Davidson, CEO. “The National Rifle League does a great job inviting shooters from all backgrounds to compete.  With Phil Velayo as our lead instructor, we are poised to help shooters excel and enjoy their competitive experience.”

NRL will host 17 national level precision rifle matches, and the NRL Championships will be on December 6-8 in Texas, where Gunwerks will be supporting with an education certificate for competitors to select off each prize table, and will be hosting one of the matches, Monster Lake Mayhem on September 27-28 in Cody, Wyoming.

For more information on the matches in the NRL 2019 season, please visit:


We pride ourselves in being innovative leaders of the world of long-range hunting and shooting. Since our beginning, we have tirelessly worked to produce the ultimate tools in long-range shooting. This effort has created some of the most accurate rifles in the world, and one of the most sought-after long-range training programs known to the hunting community. The curriculum isn’t designed around industry buzz or fluff. Our training program has been carefully developed to focus on what you need to place a bullet exactly where you want it, when you want it there, and under any circumstances. Your success is our success.    

Being an industry leader requires constant evaluation of the past, the present, and the future. As such the curriculum at Gunwerks is evolving to match the speed at which the long-range shooting industry is moving. Sitting down at the table, we reevaluated what our customer needed and developed a training program that focuses on a progression of skills. Understanding the learning process enabled us to create a three-phased approach to developing the skills a shooter needs for success. In addition, we’re adding a totally new aspect of shooting that will allow you to progress even farther beyond what you once thought was possible.

We’ve created two separate training tracks, one focused on hunting and the other on competitive long-range shooting. Both offer three levels of training, following the principles of Foundation, Development, and Application of skills. Our long-range hunting game is still as strong as ever, but we’ve introduced another curriculum focusing on the competitive side of long-range shooting. Why you ask? Because practical long-range competition is an incredible test of a shooter’s ability to master not only the fundamentals, but every aspect of the long-range shooting system. These skills will undoubtedly make you a more efficient hunter the next time you’re afield.

For more information, please visit

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