After Action Report – Dog Valley Precision Challenge by Sam Nelson

Written by Sam Nelson “I’ve shot quite a few platform stages before, but Cole took this to the next level” The Friday morning before the Dog Valley Precision Match started with cloudy skies in Boise as my partner and I loaded up to get on the road to my second NRL match of the year. After an epic JC Steel Target Match in Washington last month, we had pretty high expectations for the weekend. Six hours later we turned off the

NRL Announces Kelbly’s Inc. as Official Action Sponsor

Kelbly’s Inc. named Action Sponsor for the 2017 National Rifle League Season Santa Ana, CA – The National Rifle League is pleased to announce that Kelbly’s Inc. has agreed to sponsor the NRL’s 2017 season as the official Action Sponsor. The company offers aluminum, steel, and in-stock rifle actions. Today, Kelbly’s is averaging over 1,200 actions yearly with 40% sold to overseas customers. Kelbly’s Inc. manufactures both aluminum and steel rifle actions. Kelbly’s Inc. aluminum models are

NRL is now seeking Match Directors for 2018

The National Rifle League is now accepting applications to host a NRL sanctioned match, and be a part of the Board of Directors for the 2018 Season. Santa Ana, CA – The National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, is pleased to announce it is currently accepting applications from match directors interested in a key role for

The Meaning Behind the NRL Flag

If you’ve been to a match sanctioned by the National Rifle League, you’ve probably noticed the NRL Flag hanging proudly up in the air with our beautiful American Flag. Like most flags, the NRL Flag serves as a symbol, and represents something much deeper than just the NRL logo. Growth Map of Match States Green is the color of life and also represents growth. The NRL’s mission is to enable growth in competitive shooting sports by designing activities that develop

NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Regina Milkovich

Regina Milkovich. My name is Regina Milkovich. I’m originally from Texas, but have lived in Arizona for a good portion of my life. I shoot with the Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters who are based out Phoenix/Buckeye, AZ. I work full-time as a police dispatch supervisor for a small police department outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. I’ve been in that profession since 1998 and have worked for a few different agencies,