2017 NRL Championships AAR | Written by competitor Paul Dallin

Featured Image by cmac7.62 AAR Written by Paul Dallin “The sponsors really stepped up. This was by far the best prize table I have ever seen!” It All Comes Down To This!   NRL Championships Squad 1 WOW! It’s been a hell of an inaugural year for the Nation Rifle League! With the start of the National Rifle League, a few buddies and I decided to dedicate some time and see if we could qualify for the finale. Fast forward 10 months later… Find us at

One Week in Vegas | Written by competitor Andy Reinhardt

Written by Andy Reinhardt (Team Bison Tactical) As the crest of the final hill falls away, from under the warm rubber of my tires, the twinkling lights of the oasis below greet me like an old friend. Signaling the end of my long yearly pilgrimage to the vast expanses of the wonderland we know as SHOT Show. Every January, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and general “gun nuts” descend on the desert valley of Las Vegas to delight in

2017 NRL Championships AAR | Written by spectator Amanda Funke

Written by Amanda Funke Amanda Funke is the wife of NRL Athlete, Conrad Funke. Amanda has been supporting her husband’s precision rifle career all year long, travelling with him when possible, and cheering him on at every match this season. Amanda shares her unique perspective at the 2017 NRL Championships, as a spectator and observer of the sport. How This All Started A little background on me and how this all started. In April of last year my husband decided to

Sickness for Distance Battle Royale


Owens Armory is back to host the Battle Royale as the fourth match of the 2018 Season Santa Ana, CA – The National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, announced the fourth match of the 2018 season will be the Owens Armory Sickness for Distance Battle Royale. The 2-day match will take place April 28th-29th, 2018 at Big Sandy Range

NRL Announces HOWA as the Official Factory Rifle Sponsor

HOWA USA named Official Factory Rifle Sponsor for the 2018 National Rifle League Season   The National Rifle League is pleased to announce that Howa has agreed to sponsor the NRL’s 2018 season as the Official Factory Rifle Sponsor. Howa Machinery has been exporting sporting rifles for more than four decades since its first unit shipped in 1967. The Howa Model 1500 sporting rifle has continually led the pack in terms of quality and design evolution. Now in 2018 with a vast history