After Action Report – Butch’s Guns Oklahoma Shoot

Written by Conrad Funke “After checking in Butch’s Guns Friday we met up with Tomas Meraz and he was kind enough to show us around and let us do a little rifle data verification on his ranch. With our rifles dialed in we headed to a Cajun shrimp boil at Butch‘s house. Oklahoma hospitality is awesome! Butch and his crew served up 150 Pounds of shrimp!” Redemption This past weekend I attended the Butch’s

Benchmark Barrels Review by Nate Bell

Featured Image Photo Credit: CONX Media I was looking for recommendations on barrels and heard about Benchmark in the local circuit. With a wide variety of barrel manufacturers producing quality barrels for a number of applications, I have found that Benchmark Barrels has been the most accurate and reliable shooting barrels for competitive shooting bar none. Over he years I have had 7 Benchmark barrels chambered in 6.5 and just recently chambered in 6mm. Every single one of them has been a

Owens Armory Battle Royale New Episodes


The National Rifle League is set to release the next multi-part episodes of season matches, starting with Owens Armory Battle Royale – Part 1. SANTA ANA, CA – National Rifle League (NRL), an organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, announced today that its match episodes of the 2017 Owens Armory Battle Royale will be released late August, with new episodes released weekly. These episodes produced by media sponsor 

Kelbly Atlas Tactical Review Phillip Velayo

Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical Review by Phillip Velayo

Featured Image Photo Credit: Josaphat Orozco Proven to perform in some of the most austere conditions, the Kelbly Atlas Tactical has continued to live up to its “Ruggedness.” My foundations of long-range marksmanship on a bolt-action platform started on a Remington 700 action. With that, I knew that when I was shopping around for a custom action it had to be a Remington 700 semi-clone with upgraded features. The Kelbly Atlas Tactical just had its debut that year and after reading


My First National Long Range Match by Becky Otterman

Becky Otterman Competed at her first national long range match at the Mile-High Shootout Getting ready for my first national long range competition has been an amazing experience – To challenge myself in the different stages, and go against some of the best shooters in the country. My squad was an awesome group of people and was so helpful in helping me become a better shooter. During the competition my bipod broke, and I was given another one by someone