Las Vegas Championship

MATCH DIRECTOR: Jared Flanagan / Tyler Frehner

Dates: January 19th – 21st
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2017 National Rifle League Championship Match hosted by Sin City Precision and presented by Caracal USA! The NRL and SCP are honored to have Caracal USA on board as title sponsor as they have bent over backwards to support the NRL in our inaugural year. We look forward to hosting you all in what we believe will be SCP’s best event yet.

First and foremost, The CATM range is located off of Nellis AFB, but is Air Force owned and operated by the Nellis Security Forces. We are able to utilize the range solely because the Security Forces lead by Technical Sergeant Hinkel, allow us to. I know each and every one of you will treat the range better than your own home, treat the Security Forces better than your own parents, and act safely. Because this is a military facility EYE and EAR PROTECTION MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES, no questions asked. Lastly, all brass MUST be picked up. So this will be the opposite of a lost brass match. 

As per all National Rifle League events, we will be bringing the shooters together both on and off the range for a entire weekend of good times and great memories.

We have invited the top Ladies, Young Guns, 8 NRL BOD invites, and 7 top shooters from other Precision Rifle Leagues. After the dust settled, we had room to host the top 80 from the regular season for a total of 100 invites. In the interest of filling the shoot with as many shooters that want to attend, your invite is good until December 19th. If your payment has not been received by then, you will be dropped and we will invite the next highest qualified shooter. If you can’t or don’t want to attend, please let us know ASAP so that we can fill that spot. Match payment can be made on the NRL web store.

If you are planning to bring a guest to the Awards banquet there will be a separate $50 charge per person to cover their food. 

Tentative COF appears to be 220 rounds in 21 stages. There may be a couple of unlimited stages, so plan to bring over that. Squadding will be in order of qualifying with 2 of the invites per squad. The exception to this rule will be allowing the Young Guns to shoot with their fathers, and husband/wife teams IF they want to shoot together (yes that was directed at the Milkovichs).

For directions to the range, use 6400 Range Road which is the National Guard Armory. Go North on Range road towards the mountains about 3 miles and you will find a T in the road. Turn right and you will run into range 2. We will meet here on Saturday and Sunday morning. For Friday sight in, continue past range 2 to the end of the road which is range 5.

Dawn 6:21
Sunrise 6:50
Sunset 4:51
Dusk 5:18
12:00-3:00 Sign in, sight in, Caracal side match and open range to 1000 yards. Please don’t come early, and be ready to be shut down at 3:00.
5:30-9:00 Bowling at the Santa Fe sponsored by Prime. Prizes for best dressed and top bowler. Food court is very close by.
Meet at CATM range 2
6:45 Breakfast (Muffins and juice) served at CATM range 2
7:00 RO meeting
7:15 Pledge Allegiance
7:20 Safety Briefing
7:40 Squads draw straws for range start
8:00 Start 1st COF
11:45 Lunch break
5:00 End of shooting
6:00 Get together and Big Dogs Brewery. First day scores provided
Meet at CATM range 2
7:00 Breakfast (Bagels and coffee) served at CATM range 2
7:20 RO meeting
7:30 Pledge Allegiance
7:35 Shooter brief
7:45 Mid Match Rezero Stage
8:15 Start COF
11:45 Lunch break
3:30 End of shooting
4:30 Santa Fe’s Banquet Hall opens up. 3 kegs are sponsored by Kelbly’s, H-S Precision and Area 419!
4:45 Scores presented, 30 minute challenge period
5:00 Dinner sponsored by Caracal is served
5:30 Awards begin
9:00 Banquet hall closes

On behalf of NRL, SCP and Caracal USA, thanks very much!
Co-match Directors,
Jared Flannagan & Tyler Frehner

Las Vegas, NV Weather

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Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino


4949 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Local: (702) 658-4900
Toll Free: (866) 767-7770

Food Nearby

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*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!