2020 GEM STATE STANDOFF By Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho

MATCH DIRECTOR: Nate Lauerman and Seth Howard


Dates: April 3rd – 5th, 2020

Registration: Jan 31st, 2020

Location: Mountain Home, ID

Round count will be approximately 250 for the shoot, but bring more for zero, etc.


This year our Match is a Field/ traditional Hybrid. We have an awesome Course of Fire for the entire event. PRSID prides itself in having a varied, unique, match with badass venues. This year is no exception, your journey will take you from the high desert, to the Snake River canyon. It will be strenuous and challenging.


*All times are in CST*

April 3rd: Sight in/ Optional tune up match. Rock Dam range off of Simco road

08:00 for optional Tune up match, 10:00 for Sight in/ Check in. You must sign in, and sign a waiver to compete. We will have vendors setup on site, and a possible social event during the day (most likely a cornhole tournament)

Tune up match starts at 0800, and will consist of 70-100 rounds of fire off of traditional barricades from 250 yards to 1200 yards. This will be a self RO’d match. Match cost is $40, with any money made going to pay Range Officers for the NRL match. This match will not count for score on the Gem State Standoff. Pay in cash at the Match.

TUNE UP Registration https://practiscore.com/2020-gem-state-standoff-warmup/register

April 4th: Day 1- This Rocks

07:30 Mandatory Safety Brief.

Day 1 will be on a private range south of Mountain Home roughly 30 minutes. You will be emailed the location, and provided a map at the check in day. Please do not go to the location until April 4th. This day will require some hiking to get to the firing line, and will be strenuous to navigate the firing line. It is a Field style day, with zero man made positions, on uneven terrain and a bit of a hike. It will be an advantage to pack light, and your vehicle access will be restricted. There will be restrooms at the firing line, water and snacks. We will provide lunch on the Line. Breakfast will be available at the parking area for the Safety Brief at 07:30. It will have targets at 250-1200 yards.


April 5th: Day 2-

07:30 Mandatory Safety Brief

Day 2 will be on a different private range on the Snake River. It is 10 minutes from the previous days shooting. This will consist of entirely man made shooting positions. It will not be as strenuous, and shooters will have access to their vehicles, but will not be able to leave the range unless there is an emergency. We will have restrooms, snacks, and water for you. This day is on the Beautiful Snake River and should be done by 15:00 with a Lunch/ Dinner provided at the Banquet (location to follow). You must have your vehicle on site at the Range by 07:30, as the gate will be locked, and no access to the range until the range goes cold.

After the shooting has finished, we will head back to Mountain Home for the Awards and Lunch.


Mountain Home, ID


  • El Herradero for Mexican in Mountain Home
  • Ynot Winery for a Steak or Burger in Glenns Ferry
  • Smokey Mountain Pizza for American in Mountain Home.


We have dry Camping available. If camping bring your fishing license and a pole. Any Mountain Home Idaho Hotel will be a good location for a base. precisionrifleidaho@gmail.com

Nearest Rifle Supplies

NRL Trailer will be on site

The Shooters Bench in Boise

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!