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As we’ve all seen through challenging times, the real skills matter…
The ability to hold it all together, to lead, to bring care to interactions.

We share the same love of this sport – being outdoors, being challenged, meeting more like-minded individuals.  And we are fortunate to have an enriched community loaded with incredible individuals.

Being present and at matches brings a ton of joy all around. So, what happens when we all have to go on standby due to the current state?


Til we’re back on the range again, enjoy this growing list of feel-goods from your fellow competitors.



IMPACT 1 – Marchand Hovrud, NRL Educational Ambassador, Competitor

Sharing some positive Preventive Medicine and motivating viewers via her inspiring IG posts @GunGypsy.

“Preventive Medicine – Social Distance, T-shirts, Sunshine, and Gunpowder. Trying to be productive with the down time. Stay healthy everyone!”

~ Marchand Hovrud

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IMPACT 2 – Kili Lilly, NRL Woman’s Ambassador & Competitor and Mike Lilly, NRL Competitor

Keeping the community’s spirits high sharing new (and hilarious) videos via their Long Range With The Lillys YouTube Channel…

“How to survive COVID-19 as a precision rifle competitor.”

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IMPACT 3 – Cole-TAC, NRL Sponsor, Competitor

As a member of this community, you’ve seen Cole-TAC’s high quality textile work from the 2018 Championship drawstring bags, the 2019 member Brass Bags, to the 2020 member Playbooks, on top of all of their great shooting bags, and gear. Cole-TAC is now hard at work, generously jumping in to help meet the crucial needs of the health community. Operation Face Mask is full steam ahead!

Cole-TAC teamed up with Blue Alpha Gear & The Brown Buffalo, and utilizing their own factories, skilled employees, and home-sewers, they transitioned operations to create face masks and gowns to help those on the frontline of community healthcare centers.

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IMPACT 4 – Caylen Wojcik, NRL Match Director, Competitor

Helping folks make a connection between their mind and their rifle via his Modern Day Sniper podcasts, online training, and positive messages, all in good timing.

“P O S I T I V E   M E N T A L   A T T I T U D E. Check your headspace. Check it often. Stay in the moment and enjoy the ride. Smile often. Be grateful, and extend gratitude to others. Strive to have perception. A little goes a long way. Ego is necessary, but it can be a poison if left unchecked.”  ~ Caylen Wojcik

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IMPACT 5 – Warhorse Development, NRL Sponsor, Match Director, Competitor

Warhorse Development is stepping up in a big way putting together a much needed Virtual precision rifle match, the #covidprecisionriflematch, complete with a prize table full of giveaways for the community!

“So, with all that is going on right now we thought it would be fun to have a virtual match that everyone can participate in as long as you can get to a range and of course you don’t break any laws and local regulations. To qualify for the drawing you must tag and follow ALL the sponsors and take videos of you running the stages, safely of provided course of fire and make sure you use the hashtag #covidprecisionriflematch.

What is needed: 300 yard range for fullbore (or 100 yard for 22) and a 2 MOA target appropriate for your rifle, a 5 gallon bucket, 4 foot ladder, chair, and a tripod.”

Download the #covidprecisionriflematch COF, here:

Now, through April 11th post the videos of you completing the stages to Facebook or Instagram. The drawing will be held on Instagram via LIVE Video on April 12th at 2PM MST!

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IMPACT 6 – Aaron Gifford, NRL Competitor, NRL22 Match Director

This past week has been extremely busy for Aaron as he is part of a team working on an emergency ventilator to address the urgent need for ventilators during this health crisis. The company he works is setting out to change the course of the worldwide covid-19 ventilator shortage, and they have established a new firm called, BreathDirect, which provides quicker access to lifesaving devices.

Aaron’s primary responsibilities consist of completing the Requirements documentation and specifications, coordination of the team and manufacturing, QA/RA, and includes communications with the FDA on getting the Emergency Use Authorization completed. BreathDirect aims to complete its first unit by April 5, with its first production-ready ventilator made by April 19.

Breakthrough “impacts” are coming thanks to amazing individuals as Aaron!

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IMPACT 7 – WieBad, NRL Sponsor, Competitors

The willingness of David Wiese (the Wie in WieBad) to generously offer immediate financial relief up to 3 competitors, to help transfer match slots to MIL/LE within the community, after a match was rescheduled due to COVID-19.


IMPACT 8 – Stacey Hesser, NRL Competitor

Going on a Couch to 5K journey, and touching base with her community sharing the progress via photos and FB LIVE videos. Her thoughtful interactions, pushing out good vibes and well wishes to everyone during the social distancing is amazing! #motivation

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IMPACT 9 – Tristan Galloway, DDS, NRL Competitor, NRL22 Sponsor

His practice Galloway Dental is generously donating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local hospitals.

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IMPACT 10  – Candis Miller, NRL Competitor

While many of us are at home, as a respiratory therapist Candis is next to the nurses and physicians out on the frontlines incubating and managing lives on ventilators.

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IMPACT 11 – Members of the Precision Rifle Community

Members of the community are participating in a the NRL Scavenger Hunt! A small group of precision rifle competitors are putting together a weekly list of items/tasks to be completed by the community.

A weekly prize will be randomly award to those participating!

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IMPACT 12 – Members of the Precision Rifle Community

Members of the community accepting the challenge of sharing photos/video competing, flooding social media with so much positivity!

“CHALLENGE ACCEPTED I call on people, who are sport lovers of SHOOTING, to join the challenge of posting SHOOTING PHOTO. Just a picture, no caption. The goal is to flood FB with positive rather than negative photos. Copy text to your status, post SHOOTING pics and see some nice pics. What a wonderful day. I CHALLENGE YOU THE LOVERS OF SPORT SHOOTING.”


IMPACT 13 – 2020 NRL Match Directors

All putting in a ton of time, working hard to make adjustments to their matches, taking precautions, and being present in discussions and voting to make the best decisions for this community!



Within weeks, the life of every single one of us has changed. We must shift gears and seek to revitalize our ecosystem, and build a resilient future. The most recent announcement is as a collaborative, the 2020 NRL Season has expanded into the 2021 calendar year!

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Thank you to everyone on the front lines right now, and to you, for even the smallest part in making a difference. We’re grateful for sacrifices and commitment.


Do you know of another fellow competitor making an IMPACT?

No matter how big or small, please write us a quick message about the impact.


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