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The "Perfect" NRL22 Base Scope

What would you consider to be the "perfect" scope for base division in NRL22? Any scope that has to be less then $700, what features would you want on it? FFP? Minimum zoom? Maximum zoom? Mil/MOA? Is there a scope a scope that has an MSRP of less then $700 out there today that you think stands head and shoulders above the rest? Interested to see anyones opinion on the matter. I think a scope close to being perfect is the Nikon Black X1000 6-24X50. Only thing holding it back is it being SFP.

I know this post is near 3 months old, but I'm pulling my hair out trying to decide the same thing and all I can come up with is the SWFA Super Sniper 3-15x.  FFP, Mil-quad reticle, target turrets, side focus, 6m-infinity paralax adjustment, and if the glass is as good as the fixed 10x I have from them, then I think it would be hard to beat.  $699.95


Thanks for the response, after the first few months I just stopped checking, I  just looked today out of curiosity. That scope does look good though I ended up going with something different.


For posterity, I went with the Lucid 4.5 -18X44 optic (link at bottom of post). MSRP of $659, but its on sale on amazon for $539. I bought it and an Athlon scope, used both in a shooting session and ended up returning the Athlon. The lucid edged out the Athlon in glass clarity, the Athlon by far had a better reticle though (honestly they were so close in build quality overall I wouldn't be surprised if they're manufactured at the same place just to different specs). I will say I see alot of competitors start out in Base class, then buy a stock, barrel or trigger for the same gun and kick themselves into open, while still using the same 3-9 scope they had in base. I really think this is a mistake and your better served by putting money into your optic first, even if your in open. Just my 2 cents



I am looking to get started in base class. I have a couple ideas on my optic choice. My question is this. I can go with a higher magnification but only have mil marks at 1 then 1.5 and so on. Or I can go with less magnification and have mil marks at every 2/10. So should I go for magnification or should I go with less but more precise mil marks?