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NRL22 - Practiscore Stage setup question????

Happy New Year! Question for match directors using Practiscore in their matches. How do you setup the scoring for the stages that have different point values? For example the paper target stages where the point value is different depending on which ring you hit on the paper target? I currently am building my stages using the PRS target format. Is there a different format I should be using? Thanks for helping a noob out. ?

I'd honestly like to know the answer as well.  Can't figure out how to setup the paper stages in practiscore.


Got this from Tyler:

Tyler FrehnerpastedGraphic.png I just want to say that I’m horrible with PS. I tried to set up the champ match with NRA Action template per Larry Foor’s instructions. I found it a bit cumbersome and took James Jeffries advice. 

I set it up with “long range rifle”. The targets I used were as followed:

Steel: 10 points

Then paper and I had 10 targets:











Of course the points matched up with the target description. This worked great for me at nationals. 

For NRL22, 4/5 stages (steel) you would put 10 steel targets. On the paper stage you would put the 10 other targets. Then when you go to score a 66 you counted the 50, 10, 5, and 1 as a hit. The rest were misses and boom the paper stage shows up as 66 points. It works in any configuration. 

AGAIN, I am probably the worst guy at PS on this page but this format was very easy for me to set up the 22 stages. It would work in any configuration we have ever done including the month that we had a paper target on every stage.