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If I put my ruger 1022 in a magpul hunter stock would that move me into the open class

I think a case can be made to the local MD to allow it.

Why it isn't considered a "budget" upgrade but still permit suppressors & after market triggers (which usually cost more than the X-22 MSRP) makes no sense to me.

From the rule set:

The Base class is intended to be budget oriented. It is also intended to be a class to allow an introduction to this fantastic shooting discipline. It is not intended to be a place for veteran shooters to remain, however, the NRL22 will not regulate that. Any rifle system that comes in under a combined MSRP of $1050 shall be eligible to compete in Base class. This combined MSRP price is for the rifle and scope only. It excludes scope rings and bases, bipods, suppressors, data card holders, magazines, spare magazine holders, auto bolt releases, aftermarket triggers and extended magazine releases. Factory barrels may be threaded to accept a suppressor. Adjustments to the stock to get proper cheek weld, trigger jobs, and bedding of the stock are also allowed. Any rifles and scopes that are out of current production cannot be utilized as the MSRP is not available to check. Also, manufacturers may change the MSRP of their products from time to time. Neither price changes nor discontinuations of products are the fault of the NRL22. At sign in, the Match Director shall inspect the rifle and ensure that the combined MSRP comes in under $1050. If it goes over, the shooter shall compete in the open class. This determination and interpretation of the Base class rules are solely decided by the local Match Directors for their own clubs. Any emails or correspondence regarding Base class rules to NRL22 staff will be replied to please check with your local match director. For the National Championship however, these rules will be followed to the letter. There will be a gunsmith present at the NRL22 National Championship for Base class rifle inspections. A list of popular rifle and scopes MSRPs will be included in the monthly course of fire.