1) What makes the NRL different from other Precision Leagues?

-The NRL is a Not-For-Profit organization

-MD’s as franchises….

-MD’s are the rule makers

-Marketing and Media support for all NRL sanctioned matches

2) What is the goal of the NRL?

Our mission is to enable growth in the competitive shooting sports, for those who have aspiration for their communities, their businesses, families, and themselves.

The Nation Rifle League is there to support them on their journey from ambition to achievement.

And this is why we are so proud to support match directors and competitive shooting athletes as they represent all of us over the United States.

3) So the NRL does not care about the new shooters?

-Quite the contrary. The NRL believes that the place for new shooters is at club events. Our vision is to support the participating clubs with media assistance and web sites to grow local shooter pools, which in turn will grow the sport as a whole.

4) Who will make the rules and decisions about the NRL?

-The NRL will form franchises with a MD as a representative of each franchise. The MD’s will work together to make rules and regulations concerning the matches. We view the MD’s as the people who actually make the events happen and so we want them to have the freedom to make the events as good as possible. Logistical and administrative assistance will be provided by the NRL to make this responsibility less burdensome.

5) If I want to run a shoot for the NRL, can I still run shoots for other organizations?

-Absolutely! All that we ask is that the media help we provide is not used for the other shoots. We believe that after you the MD and your shooters experience what a national level match can be with actual assistance in making your match as good as possible, you will wonder how you got it done before.

6) Where can I find the list of rules and when are rules updated?

– You can find the current rules on the NRL website and they will be updated once per year after the official Match Directors meeting held in (whatever month we have it)

7) What is the cost of being a member in the NRL and what are my benefits as a shooter?

– Please refer to the membership page for all current information.

8) Who enforces the rules at matches?

– NRL referees will be provided at every match, and will be the final say on all rule questions.

9) How will stages be interpreted? Is it up to the RO’s perspective or is it as written in the match book?

– Exactly how it is written in the match book. If the rules say NO gear, only you and your rifle, then that means absolutely no gear other than you and your rifle. Not what I can attach to my rifle and have 6 different bags hanging from all your flush cups.