Download The Official 2019 NRL Championship Match Book Now

Want to see the COF the top qualifying competitors experienced at the 2019 NRL Championship Match? Or planning to get a head start on practice for next season?

Well, we’re happy to share the 2019 NRL Championship match book created by TX Precision Matches match directors: Dave Ferguson and Prentice Wink. See stage descriptions, time limits, round counts, gear limits, and available points. We welcome you to digest the information, and use it to create your own approach on cleaning the stage, set up practice stages, and train to improve your Precision Rifle Shooting.




Official Championship Match Results

View the official Match Results from the qualifiers that made it to the 2019 NRL Championship.

Held in Navasota, Texas on December 7-8, 2019, this match was presented by title sponsor Nikon.

Official Season Results

The Season Champion and rest of the season rankings were determined by the 3 best match scores of the 2019 season, plus the Championship match score.

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