The National Rifle League is an active supporter and sponsor in one of the fastest growing shooting sports – Precision Rifle. Supporting the safety and enhancing the quality going into matches, the NRL organization’s efforts do not stop at national level matches.

We are proud to offer the NRL Club Benefits Program! This program is designed to give back to our community by encouraging everyone to get out and shoot locally. Through this program, we are providing a reward to local clubs/matches, by offering a promotional gift code per a match. Shooter-athletes (young, new, pro), Range Officers, Match Directors, and Volunteers alike stand to benefit from this program at each match.

We are celebrating the excitement of all aspects of the Precision Rifle sport, and are delighted to honor the dedication, drive, and community of local club/match level participants, throughout the county.


The short answer is – To Give Back. Structured for the sustainability of the sport, this program gives the NRL a connection to local precision rifle clubs/matches, allowing the organization to share amazing moments with the community that are taking place at the club level.

*The local clubs/matches that are providing its participants with the NRL gift, will continuously be added here on the site.


As a community, we support your efforts in facilitating safe and competitive matches. You may be holding monthly, quarterly, annual matches, or a one-time match – should you like to reward a participant you deem deserving, the NRL will provide you with a $20.00 NRL gift code per match. We envision that the deserving individual will often be youth shooters, top placing shooters, dedicated Range Officers, or new shooters who need a helping hand. But after all, it is for the Match Director to decide.

Enroll your club/match for the benefits program through a quick, 1-time online registration form.

NRL Club Benefits Program – Simple Process