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NRL Athlete


With the NRL’s 2018 Season in full momentum ahead, we’re sharing the 2017 NRL Championship match book created by Sin City Precision Match Directors Jared Flanagan and Tyler Frehner, for those interested reviewing what these top shooters went head to head on. See stage descriptions, target distance and sizes, time limit, round count, gear limits, and available points. We welcome you to digest the information, and use it to create your own approach on

NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Joseph Park Jr.

First let me say I have zero understanding of what it takes to set up a nonprofit. I have no way to judge the time it must take from your life to start a new national shooting league. I have no reference points to figure out how much time it must have taken away from family to get sponsorship’s or to find match directors willing to put on matches. I simply have zero experience


NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Doug Moore

Doug Moore My name is Doug Moore. I am 30 years old and live in Woodward, Oklahoma. I currently work for Case Wireline Services Inc. as a pipe recovery engineer. I have been married for 7 years to my loving wife, Morgan Moore, and have two beautiful daughters, Kinley and Kylah. Competitive Shooter Profile I got into the sport of Precision Rifle in 2013, after my wife built me my first custom rifle the previous year for my birthday. She built

NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Austin Orgain

Austin Orgain  My name is Austin Orgain. I am 29 years old from the very small town of Hammon, Oklahoma. I currently work in the oilfield for a small artificial lift company called Tri-Lift Services. Competitive Shooter Profile  I bought my first custom rifle in February 2015 and shot a few small matches and club matches in 2015. I started shooting the bigger matches in 2016 and hit the road hard making 11 PRS matches, plus won the Oklahoma Practical

NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Regina Milkovich

Regina Milkovich. My name is Regina Milkovich. I’m originally from Texas, but have lived in Arizona for a good portion of my life. I shoot with the Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters who are based out Phoenix/Buckeye, AZ. I work full-time as a police dispatch supervisor for a small police department outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area. I’ve been in that profession since 1998 and have worked for a few different agencies,

NRL Athlete, Perspective from Precision Rifle Shooter Adam Cloaninger

Adam Cloaninger. I’m a small town farm boy from Colfax Washington. I grew up working hard, hunting, and shooting on my family’s farm. I loved athletics in high school and college, and graduated from the University of Idaho in 2013 with a B.S. in Agricultural Management. I am currently 26 and a Electrical Apprentice. I’m an avid shooter, hunter, and fly fisherman. Competitive Shooter Profile. I first started  in competitive  rifle shooting  in  2014 /15 driven primarily out of the need to extend

Family Involvement and Precision Rifle Shooting

One aspect of NRL’s mission, is to focus on the promotion of safe gun handling. It starts with how we educate our next generation. It is our obligation to pass on what we’ve learned from experience and training. Let’s focus on this as a community. Open the conversation with your spouse/partner, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers on safe firearm handling. Even if the individual is not necessarily interested in the shooting sports, educating he or she on safe gun handling