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NRL Athlete

2020 NRL Scavenger Hunt

THE HUNT IS ON! Ladies and Gents lets have a little fun! The NRL is proud to present the #NRLSCAVENGERHUNT   Starting week of April 3rd, NRL will publish a list of items/tasks for everyone to scavenge to win prizes. Below is an outline of how all of this will work: Scavenger Hunt Rules Everyone can play! Every Friday (starting April 3rd) the NRL will release a list of 10 “items” or “tasks” to be completed That


As we’ve all seen through challenging times, the real skills matter… The ability to hold it all together, to lead, to bring care to interactions. We share the same love of this sport – being outdoors, being challenged, meeting more like-minded individuals.  And we are fortunate to have an enriched community loaded with incredible individuals. Being present and at matches brings a ton of joy all around. So, what happens when we all have to go on standby due to the current state? THIS.

National Rifle League Launches A Market Leading Athlete Portal

NRL launches a new Data Initiative for community, a user interface for Athletes to manage Profiles Yorba Linda, CA – National Rifle League (NRL), a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth and education of precision rifle shooting through a range of outdoors-related public interest activities, announced the launch of its new data enriched website, a market leading user interface for the growing precision rifle community. 2020 NRL members on the national-level, centerfire side will have the ability to login

2019 PRSID Gem State Standoff AAR | By Logan Wallace

Written by Logan Wallace “At the 2018 Championship, I came up short of where I wanted to finish and said, if I can come back, I would do so with intentions of redemption.” Match Directors Seth Howard and Nate Lauerman March 23-24, 2019 This match for me started back in October of 2018 at the same venue in Vale, OR, where the 2018 NRL Championship was held. It is a truly unique location to shoot at, with 90% of the COF being natural terrain

Community Vote to get an NRL Championship Squad closer to winning the Armageddon Gear bike!

NRL COMMUNITY, we need your help to decide which squad has the opportunity to be one step closer to winning the Armageddon Gear Bike during the #NRLCHAMPIONSHIP2018! STAGE: Armageddon Gear Battle for the Bike TIME LIMIT: 2:00 STAGE DESCRIPTION: Participating squads re-enact a stage from Day 1 of the Championship match. No props may be used, but they may use their squad-mates. TO VOTE: Watch all the videos below, and comment on the

2018 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge AAR | By Erik Severson

The National Rifle League’s 2018 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge was hosted by NorCal Practical Precision Rifle Club at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, CA from Sept. 28-30, 2018. Friday Check in and Zero We arrived at the range about 11:30 Friday morning as the DOPE gathering session was finishing. We checked in and received our match books and swag bag that was packed with useful goodies. We were then directed to the

2018 Butch Oklahoma Shoot

2018 Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot AAR | By Matt Hornback

Written by Matt Hornback The best piece of advice for this match is to bring a shooting mat, grab your favorite shooting bag, leave the tripod and don’t expect to spot your misses. My third NRL match of the 2018 season was the notorious Butch’s Oklahoma Shoot. Located in Woodward, Oklahoma, this match was held in a sprawling private range facility complete with rolling hills, plenty of cows and…wind mills! Yes, that’s right, Butch even turned on


NRL Athlete Spotlight | Rei Hoang

Rei Hoang  Nick name: 9 dolls Location: Originally from California, currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Occupation: Pursuing a Masters in Biomedical Engineering Competitive Shooter Profile. I’ve always been into firearms but didn’t know anyone who was. Nobody in my family or my friends shot. In 2009, I walked into my local gun shop and bought myself my first rifle with my pink hello kitty piggy bank full of ten-dollar bills. Back story on the ten-dollar bills, I disliked ten-dollar bills, it was too

NRL Athlete Spotlight Brady Lamm

NRL Athlete Spotlight | Brady Lamm

Brady Lamm My name is Brady Lamm but a nickname given to me over 10 years ago was BLAMM and it stuck. I was born and raised in Idaho 32 years ago. I spent 8 years in the U.S. Army as an unmanned aircraft pilot, serving a full tour in Iraq and traveling the world. I went to school for engineering and aviation sciences, with a secondary focus on business management. Most importantly I am a single dad of an amazing

JC Steel Target Challenge Greg Herbert AAR

2018 JC Steel Target Challenge AAR | Greg Herbert

Written by Greg Herbert “I just drove 800 miles to shoot 3 rounds; you got to be kidding me!” On the heels of the NRL Owen’s Armory Sickness for Distance match outside Kingman Arizona came the JC Steel Target Challenge Washington match with cooler temperatures. The weekend before the temperature was in the 90’s. At the Arizona match, I noticed I was having issues with some of my brass. On day 1, shooting off a barricade I had a case