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2017 NRL Championships AAR | Written by competitor Paul Dallin

Featured Image by cmac7.62

AAR Written by Paul Dallin

“The sponsors really stepped up. This was by far the best prize table I have ever seen!”

It All Comes Down To This!


NRL Championships Squad 1

WOW! It’s been a hell of an inaugural year for the National Rifle League!

With the start of the National Rifle League, a few buddies and I decided to dedicate some time and see if we could qualify for the finale. Fast forward 10 months later… Find us at the NRL Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada, hosted by Sin City Precision, and presented by Caracal USA held at the CATM Range at Nellis Air Force Base.

On Friday we were given the opportunity to zero and check our dope for distance. Followed by a get together for bowling at the Santa Fe Hotel.

Day 1: Let’s Draw Straws!

Day 1 started off with a safety meeting and singing of the National Anthem lead by the man himself, Felipe Tomas Meraz. Followed by the “Squad Moms” as Tyler called them, drawing straws for what stage to start on! The day was filled with shooting from two ranges about a half a mile apart.

A favorite stage from Day 1 was stage 5.3: Triplet, sponsored by GeoBallistics. Shooters drew 1 of 3 face cards to determine starting position, then drew the second card for their next position, and finally the last card for the final shooting position – Shooting the KYL rack at 300 yards, smallest to largest, from each position.

Tank Trap Center – Jack of Hearts

Prone, support side – Queen of Spades

Cinder Block – King of Diamonds

The match flow was good with a steady pace through both days. The COF was fast paced with plenty on movement, but very doable time limits. Targets where challenging but not to small. We were assigned squads according to how we finished the season: Ranks 1-10 in Squad 1, ranks 11-20 squad 2, etc.

Of course just our luck, a cold front was moving through, and the normally pleasant temps were replaced with upper 50s, wind, and a few raindrops. One thing that stuck out from Day 1 with this match was the Communication. From the time we registered, to the first shots fired, there was no question on what was to be expected.

Day 2: Faster, Farther… and More Wind

Day 2 started off in the same fashion: the Pledge of Allegiance, drawing straws, followed by a paper stage, I found this helpful and a fair way to have a mid-match re zero. I felt Day 2 was a little more fast-paced, farther targets, and more challenging wind.

My favorite stage of Day 2 was North Las Vegas Troop line on Stage 2.10, sponsored by CONX Media, where shooters start standing, go prone to engage target 1 in 8 seconds return to standing, engage target 1, then target 2 in 12 seconds, repeat targets 1-2-3 in 16 seconds ,and finally targets 1-2-3-4 in 20 seconds.

Target 1 7” IPSC @ 444

Target 2 10” Square @ 565

Target 3- 12” Diamond @ 712

Target 4 – 16” Square @ 820

NRL Champions

NRL Top 5 Finishers

After the Day 2 of shooting, we headed back over to the Santa Fe hotel for an amazing feast and an amazing prize table. The sponsors really stepped up. This was by far the best prize table I have ever seen!

Congratulations to Austin Orgain for the Win, Jake Vibbert, Jon Pynch, Nick Gadarzi, and Rusty Ulmer for rounding out the Top 5

A special thanks to all the ROs for donating your time and keeping us safe. CONX Media for all the pictures and videos, the sponsors for your generous donations, and finally the Santa Fe hotel for your hospitality.

Looking forward to next year!

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