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A Challenge for Competitors by 2019 NRL Match Directors

To help you prepare for these national-level, 2-day matches, we’ve went straight to the match directors and asked them if they’d like to provide some insight or offer advice for what competitors can expect from the match. These comments from the Match Directors are also great for competitors who haven’t experienced these Match Directors’ past matches, or been to the area.

Take note from the 2019 Match Directors:

February 16-17 / Wikieup, Arizona / Christopher Tressler & Rusty Ulmer: “Have good DOPE out to 1200 yards, be able to spot misses, and have experience finding targets in natural terrain. There will be lots of movement during stages, by the competitors, and even the target at one stage! Not much movement between stages, but you might want to wear tennies.”

February 22-23 / Kingsville, Texas / Jacob Bynum: “Fun, yet challenging competition with experienced RO’s. Know your fundamentals and practice positional shooting.”

March 9-10 / Omaha, Nebraska / Chaz Macrander: “Wind will be a factor. It’s Nebraska, in March. Come prepared for any weather situation. It’s possible to get a sunburn and hypothermia in the same 24 hours.”

March 23-24 / Vale, Oregon / Nate Lauerman & Seth Howard: “It’s a fun well run match at a challenging, unique venue. Find some rocks and shoot off them. Helps to do so in switch winds as well.”

April 5-7 / Ninnekah, Oklahoma / Justin Watts: “Awesome COF in the dark, pre-match games, great food, and awesome prize table. Most fun you’ll ever shoot. Practice using your reticle on illumination after dark. ”

May 4-5 / Ritzville, Washtington / Jake Vibbert: “The biggest and most heavily attended NRL match in the country. Plus, who doesn’t want to shoot from a chopper! Get wind practice. There will be fun and fast stages.”

May 18-19 / Broadwater Nebraska / Lee Anderson: “A true field-style match approx. 70 percent prone, 30 percent positional. Here in Nebraska, we tend to have some switchy wind due to shooting in draws and canyons. If anybody has an opportunity to practice shooting in different winds, that would be helpful.”

June 1-2 / Mt. Auburn, Iowa / Jim See:“It will be a safe, well organized event that will be enjoyable for all skill levels. Be prepared to pay attention to details, and follow the instructions. You wouldn’t want to make a mental error.”

June 8-9 / Nephi, Utah / Cole Quarnberg:“Always something new or outside the box. Challenging and fair. Natural terrain variables are always in my matches.”

June 22-23 / Bloomfield, New Mexico / Scotty Freidline & Dusty Brixner: “Varied Natural terrain (cliff lines, boulders, etc.). Field match, square range, and we cover everything. Prepare for wind, green chile, and beer.”

June 29-30 (Match Unfortunately Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances) / Park City, Kentucky / Adam Vaught & Ryan Castle:“Expect a match designed by two experienced MDs. Our match brings competitive value competitors seek. Enjoy the stay with the rest, and the convenience of the Rockcastle Shooting Center Facilities. The venue allows us to create very unique COF. You will find a good mix of field style and positional stages. We encourage thinking out of the box and using your skills and gear to adapt and overcome shooting positions.”

July 13-14 / Craig, Colorado / Robert Quigley: “Challenging shooting scenarios set in Colorado’s High desert terrain, await some crazy wind. Multiple positions under time, would be good things to practice.”

July 20-21 / Camargo, Oklahoma / Matt Clem & BJ Bailey:“The Heatstroke is one of the longest running matches in the nation. It has been around in some form or another for 10+ years. We have transformed this match into one of the premier matches in the country. You will be hard pressed to find another match with as high a round count and the capacity to take up to 210 shooters.  It is mostly a natural terrain field match with just a few man-made props. Targets are a great mix of tough and more than generous and times are enough to get all rounds off on each stage. No matter if you’re a newb or an experienced match shooter this match will be challenging and rewarding. Brush up on your wind reading – it can be pretty brutal.

August 17-18 / Orient, South Dakota / Michael Kane: “COF may include stages going out to 1300 yds. Many are practical in nature having a hunting or military type application.”

Aug. 31 – Sept. 1 / Cheney, Washington / Doug Glorfield:“This year’s match will consist of using both our ranges.   Day one will be a straight field style match with all prone or natural terrain, like large rocks, dirt mounds, logs.  Day two will be at our Shooting facility with tighter times and movement on man-made props. (Pile of Rocks, tires, tank traps, shoot tower, spool to look like a horse, more tires, table, etc.). Practice your wind calls and make sure your BC is trued. I never do gear restrictions and I always allow plenty of time, so practice with a tripod, your pack, and favorite shooting bag.”

September 27-28 / Cody, Wyoming / Phillip Velayo & Caylen Wojcik: “Expect a perfect blend of field shooting and square bay shooting. You will be shooting a course of fire you have never been exposed to at other matches. Be ready for lots of target acquisition in tough environments, and lots of depth and array transitioning. Get good at utilizing your tripod. It’s Wyoming, so wind is always a thing. ”

October 19-20 / Pala, California / Scott Satterlee & Jorge Ortiz: “This will be a fast paced, balanced and very technical match that will test our competitors in a wide variety of skills. Practice multiple target indexing and hold overs.”

December 6-8 / Navasota, Texas / Dave Ferguson & Prentice Wink:“Fair course of fire, straight forward props, no gaming required, the best food and hospitality in the country. Winds can be a factor, depending on the weather. There are no protected lanes from the wind.”

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