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2020 NRL Season Extended

In the face of adversity, you can either step up or step back.

The 2020 NRL season has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 virus, and with current uncertainty facing our nation the National Rifle League wants our community to know that we are here to support you.

It is unsure how many more matches this epidemic could affect, or how long it will last but we must plan for the future the best that we can. With that being said the NRL is working closely with our Match Directors to do what they think is best for their match based on the information that they have. What this means is that if the MD wishes to open registration for a match, we will support them, if a MD wishes to cancel or reschedule their match, we will also support them. If a competitor does not wish to register for a match at this time we completely understand and if you have registered for a match that has been cancelled or rescheduled we are working with the MDs to do everything we can to offer a fair and reasonable solution. Remember, we are a community here to support one another not hurt anyone.

As part of this ever-changing landscape National Rifle League would like to provide every opportunity possible to our entire community, meaning competitors, MDs, and sponsors to have a successful season. How do we do this? For some time now the NRL has been entertaining the idea of moving our competition season to a fiscal year, instead of the traditional calendar year. This idea was proposed to our current MDs and voted on. We received a tremendous amount of positive response and the vote was passed!

Effective immediately – National Rifle League will extend its current 2020 season to run into the 2021 calendar year with its Championship to be held in either April, May, or June.

Tate Streater will continue to host the Championship in Oklahoma and will be announcing the new Championship date in the coming days.

How does this effect you the Competitor?

  • All memberships will continue through the of the new season schedule
  • Competitors that may have to miss a match in their region will have an opportunity to make up those matches at a future date (example Idaho was cancelled but has plans to run their match at the same time in 2021, which will now fall in the 2020 season)
  • Competitors will have more opportunities to attend a few more matches
  • Competitors in the Northern states will now have the ability to properly train for a Summer Championship
  • Competitors will not have to choose between hunting season or attending the Championship match
  • The Championship match can now be held almost anywhere in the country in those three months, offering a wider variety of venues to test everyone’s skills.

How does this effect your Match Directors?

  • Some MDs could possibly have two matches in the 2020 season, depending on how long this virus lasts
  • All MDs will have the opportunity to host a Championship match
  • Certain MDs’ matches will now either be the first or last match of the season

How does this effect your Sponsors?

  • The NRL will NOT go back and ask for additional financial support for the extended season, but may ask for additional prize table support, if it is possible
  • Sponsors will get an additional few months of marketing support from the NRL
  • Sponsors will now be able to plan for a fiscal year Championship, differentiating us from others

Over the next coming days and weeks, the NRL will be making further announcements regarding this new plan, including schedules, and answering your questions. We know that many of you will be extremely happy with this change and that some of you will not like this. For those of you that are not happy please keep in mind that the NRL is here to serve our community as an entirety not the individual wants and needs of a few. We strongly believe that this is the best decision for our community and hope that you do too.

We welcome your comments and ideas, however we do ask that ALL remarks stay respectful to one another as a positive discussion is way more productive than a negative one.

On behalf of the NRL we hope that you are all safe and healthy during this crazy time and we cannot wait to see you all soon!

In appreciation of you all,
Travis Ishida

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