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2019 PRSID Gem State Standoff AAR | By Logan Wallace

Written by Logan Wallace

“At the 2018 Championship, I came up short of where I wanted to finish and said, if I can come back, I would do so with intentions of redemption.”

Match Directors Seth Howard and Nate Lauerman

March 23-24, 2019

This match for me started back in October of 2018 at the same venue in Vale, OR, where the 2018 NRL Championship was held. It is a truly unique location to shoot at, with 90% of the COF being natural terrain and obstacles. Switchy, swirling winds and unconventional positions make for a practical and challenging match. At the 2018 Championship, I came up short of where I wanted to finish and said if I can come back I would do so with intentions of redemption. Fast Forward to 2019 and the new calendar of matches being released. I was excited to see the PRSID match back for another year and made sure to get signed up as soon as it opened for registration.

Friday, 3/22/19

Driving in to town on Friday before heading to the range to sight in, the town of Ontario, OR has lots of amenities and choices for lodging. We dropped our extra bags off in the hotel room and went to the range. To nobody’s surprise people were shooting to confirm zero & d.o.p.e down range, as well as trash talking over high stakes games of Corn Hole. I quickly checked my rifle’s zero and went to join the festivities. After catching up with friends over a couple beverages, it was dinner time and back to the hotel to prep for Day 1 of competition.

Saturday, 3/23/19

Saturday started off like every NRL match, with the National Anthem recital. After a few words about safety and general guidelines of the venue, we broke out into our squads and away we went. Expecting to shoot off a rock formation for Stage 1, I was surprised to walk up to the “Jack Shack”, a phone booth sized plywood box with a hole just big enough for your barrel to stick out. Clever. After a few laughs and leaving Jake Vibbert’s phone number on the wall inside, it was game time. After 11 stages on Day 1, the competition was really tight. This was the most stacked roster of heavy hitters I had seen since the Finale, and they were all there to win.

Sunday 3/24/19

Day 2 came after a fun night of card games, more drinks, and laughter. I was sitting in 7th and had work to do. The first few stages went well, and then we arrived at a stage I knew was going to be the hardest of the match. Three tough positions on uncomfortable rocks, with one shot at 3 different targets stretched across the hillside per position. No follow up shots on each target, hit it or don’t and then move. Nate Lauerman and the PRSID crew knows how to test shooters. I can’t say enough about the MD’s and RO’s at this event. True professionals on all aspects. I finished my match with a solid Day 2 and it was off to the banquet room at The Clarion Hotel for dinner and awards.


We arrived back at the Clarion Hotel’s banquet room and were greeted by nicely set tables, catered dinner, and stocked bar. It was outstanding food and just what was needed after a long two days of shooting. As we awaited the scores, we ate and scanned over a few tables full of generous sponsor donations. It’s the great companies backing the sport, that makes it as great as it is.

Paul Dallin came away with an impressive win and 4-point lead, absolutely crushed it. I tried to catch him, but he did his job and fended everyone off with a lead going into Day 2. Grateful to have gotten my redemption as I came in at 2nd Place with Brian Pence, Steve Eames and Jon Pynch nipping at my heels one point away. I said it was tight. Congrats to everyone and I look forward to the next time we can all get together and mix it up on the range again.


Logan lives in the North West (WA) and started shooting precision rifle competitions 4 years ago. All previous hobbies immediately took a back seat to his rifles as he grew to love this sport. He absorbed as much as he could from watching top guys, as Jake Vibbert, Scott Satterlee, Jon Pynch, and Nick Gadarzi, go about shooting stages and have practiced as much as possible in the last several years. With the sport growing so much in his short existence in it, and where, 10-15 people at any match could win it on any given weekend, to him, shooting against these guys and girls in the NRL makes you elevate your ability drastically. He can only imagine what the future will hold for our community.

Logan is currently sponsored by and have partnerships with R Bros Rifles, MDT Chassis, Defiance Machine, Bison Tactical, Schmidt & Bender, Trigger Tech, Armageddon Gear, and Valholl Gear.

Logan Wallace

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