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“Achieving a remarkable performance is no guarantee of repeating remarkable performance,” stated Perry Holley, Program Director, IBM Leadership Development.

So, how do you tap into your own personal success – to remarkable AND repeatable performances? When you’re ready to go full-throttle, we’ll leave you with our 2019 season perception of the Model for Remarkable.


Upon Membership registration, you were invited to declare a goal you want to accomplish this season. When you declare it, you give yourself something to reach for.

Have clear definitions of goals and the purposes behind the goals.

If you have yet to declare a goal for this season and would like to now (or revise the one you submitted), we welcome you to send it to us in a quick email, submit it HERE. Should you submit a goal, your response will be kept private. Or, feel free to share it with a family member, colleague, or friend. Doesn’t matter, just tell someone. The purpose behind declaring it, is you set accountability for yourself.


In today’s hyper-competitive sport, where the competitive landscape may be completely unpredictable (elements, courses of fire, the competition/ who shows up, etc.), being good doesn’t cut it. Neither does delivering occasional remarkable performance. If you want to seize the competitive edge, and hold it, you must deliver high performance on a consistent basis.

4 critical elements for delivering remarkable performance – exceptional behavior, preparation, discipline, and persistence.

  • Behavior – We are taking steps to infuse the right attitudes around you. This 2019 Season, U.S. Optics has partnered with us as the Official Sportsmanship Sponsor of NRL. To show appreciation for the individual who most exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship at each event, U.S. Optics has begun working closely with NRL, so that the recipient receives a custom trophy recognizing his or her outstanding efforts. This award is an honorable mention recognition. Each Match Director will have an opportunity to source input from his team and range officers to ultimately recognize the U.S. Optics 2019 Sportsmanship Award recipient with a Trophy and B17 Optic.

We challenge you to bring the same behavior… no matter how @*$#@&! frustrated you may get.  IF you need a reminder, think “WWJWD”. Here’s a video explanation of WWJWD (view timestamp only from 01:59 – 02:38) from Janae’s Got a Gun.

  • Preparation – To help you prepare for these national-level, 2-day matches, we went straight to the match directors and asked them if they’d like to provide some insight or offer advice for what competitors can expect from the match. Take note from the 2019 Match Directors.

Beyond, knowing what you’re going into, practice when you can, or even dry-fire. There’s no shame in signing up for training courses. The top competitors still train themselves. We’re taking steps to getting education easily accessible to you. This season, Gunwerks has partnered with us as the Official Education Sponsor of NRL. Training listings will be made available, so you may register in ones you choose to attend. Also, keep an eye out for shared tips, and of challenges experienced from your peers. We encourage you to share your own challenges with this community.

  • Discipline – This is a good one, and all comes down to you.
    How disciplined are you? This ability leads to self-confidence, and consequently to happiness and satisfaction. These match directors will provide you with a balance of good fun and challenges. You can expect it. When you have a bad shoot, don’t dwell, but instead, learn from it to improve your performance next time. After all, losses are only temporary setbacks.
  • Persistence – Keep at it. Victory belongs to the most persevering.


Establish the building blocks of your personal development. Do well in 3 NRL matches for the earned invitation to the Championship match Dec. 6-8, 2019 in Navasota, Texas hosted by Dave Ferguson and Prentice Wink.

2 components that ensure that remarkability is the defining trait of your competitive journey – a mindset of excellence & high character.

Never accept average, always strive to make a difference, and view challenges as opportunities.

There’s a ton of great support out there to make the Championship trip worthwhile. This season, Alpha Munitions has partnered with us as the Official Brass of NRL. They have contributed $5,000.00 cash prize to the 2019 Overall Season Champion, on TOP of the existing from NRL. That means, the 2019 Season Champ will be receiving a minimum of $10,000.00 cash prize. In addition, we welcome you to view the growing list of Sponsors supporting this community!

NRL Season Champions
2017 – Austin Orgain | 2018 – Jon Pynch | 2019 – You?

Stay the course, and go from remarkable to memorable.

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